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Building brand authenticity in today’s new world

As a new business owner, I’ve thought a lot lately about my organizational brand. More specifically, how to define it, and how to make it come to life. I’ve pondered questions such as “What do I want my business to stand for?”, “How do I want it to be thought of in the marketplace?”, and “What lasting experiences do I want my clients to take with them?”

Experience has taught me that a strong brand results when the beliefs, values, and perceptions one enjoys consistently align with the actual actions, beliefs, and mission of a company or organization. A strong brand is like a life-long friend, coming through in the clutch, someone who can be trusted and counted on through thick and thin. A BFF if there is such a thing in the business world.

For so many today, both in their business and their personal lives, the depth of change has felt overwhelming. The stress is palpable. Too many unknowns, shifting norms and beliefs; and not nearly enough clarity around much of it. Job security? (not sure); health and well-being? (fingers crossed) ; work schedules and locations? (whole new world); school schedules for kids? (have they nailed this down yet?); proper ways to socialize and interact with family, friends, and neighbors? (I’m pretty sure the 6-foot distancing rule still applies).

To muddy the waters even further, friends and family occasionally find themselves on opposite ends of the not-so-friendly “mask,” vs. “no-mask” debate. It’s been an exhausting five months.

So, when I think of my business and what I want the brand to stand for, I envision one that is consistent and genuine. It sounds trite but I believe a winning brand today is one that will lift the fog of unknowns while serving as a beacon of hope and light. A brand founded on honesty, sincerity, authenticity, integrity, and truth, it all sounds pretty appealing right now.

So, there it is. That’s the brand I am striving to build. It’s not especially fancy, perhaps it’s even old-fashioned. But I think it’s one that reflects the best of who we are and the better days ahead.

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