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Staying connected when it matters most

One lesson this pandemic has taught me is the importance of staying connected with others. This was never more apparent than when I finished a Zoom call with a friend; the purpose of the call was just to “catch up.” After the call, I felt rejuvenated, my spirits lifted. A connection was made. On a family note, my 12-year-old son stays connected with friends by playing video games, a relatively new hobby of his. In the absence of having a friend over to play driveway hockey, a typical pre-pandemic occurrence, video games have become a forum for him to talk and interact with friends. And while it is no substitute for shooting pucks in the driveway, it serves as a reliable foundation for him to engage with peers in a time when nearly everything else seems to be in flux.  

The need for a familiar foundation is important, and if you are a business owner, that holds true for your customers as well. In times of uncertainty, they want to hear from you, to know you are there for them. If you own a business, this begs a few questions: 

How effectively have you communicated with your customers these past five months?


What are the fundamental messages you have conveyed, are they clear and consistent, and have they spelled out what is different and how you continue to add value for them? 

If you cannot readily recite your fundamental messages, which should support your customer value proposition in today’s new world, it might be time to re-examine your customer communications strategy. An effective strategy should clearly articulate what has changed in your business and how that affects them; the ways in which you continue to add value; and finally, that you appreciate their business.  

None of this is new thinking; and it’s not complicated. Despite the profound changes that have taken place in how business is conducted today, keeping a connection with your customers is a practice that has remained tried and true, in good times and in challenging times.  

My son connects with friends much differently than he did five months ago, and yet that connection has been a blessing. During this period, I have been reminded just how important human connection is, even if it is through a video game headset playing Minecraft.  

As a business owner, if you value your customers, reach out and connect with them today. They will be glad you did.  

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